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6 Of The Best Spray Tans On The Gold Coast

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November 4, 2019

6 Of The Best Spray Tans On The Gold Coast

Be a bronzed goddess 24/7

We’re starting to ease in to bikini weather and what better way to start spring than bring you some of the best places to get a spray tan right here on the Gold Coast?! Whether you’re someone that likes a spray tan every week or if you prefer it for special occasions only, I rounded up a bunch of spray tan salons so you can look like a bronzed goddess in no time:

Bella Bronze

Rated #1 on the Gold Coast, if there’s one salon that leads the pack when it comes to spray tanning, it’s . Bella Bronze. Not only do they do beyond amazing tans, but they actually sell their own brand of spray tan solution and mousse. If you’re into a deep tan, this is your salon! 


Taking bronze to the next level is GBTans located in the Tegan Woodford Beauty Lounge. This is the perfect salon to head to if you’re needing a few different services in one. GBTans has a beautiful solution, making sure you achieve the best sun-kissed colour for any occasion!  

Allure Beauty Robina

Want to look like you just came back from the Greek Islands? Head into Allure Beauty Robina to have a spray tan that will make you look like an absolute goddess! Aside from being a go-to for your weekly tan appointment, they do the most magical tans for brides! Making sure you look even more beautiful for your big day! 

Bronzed by Meg

Making sure you’re achieving the best colour possible is huge when it comes to getting a spray tan. Bronzed by Meg knows EXACTLY what she’s doing when it comes to giving you the perfect shade of bronze. Not only that, but they offer extremely affordable tans! $25 for in salon and just $30 for mobile, so you know you’re getting a great deal and a gorgeous colour! 

That Spray Tan Place

A natural-looking tan is a GREAT tan. Gone are the days where you’re terrified of looking like an Oompa Loompa! At That Spray Tan Place, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a beautiful and natural tan, as well as great service. Even the fairest of girls can look super natural with their spray tan solution! 

Nikki Mitchell Tanning

Not only is Nikki an incredible makeup artist, but she is a spray tan specialist AND has her own range! Nikki Mitchell Tanning is so amazing that you actually look like you’re glowing from head to toe and it is simply one of the most gorgeous, deep tans out there! 

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